Garrison Hammouth

Rough and rugged human warlord, abrasive but like-able.


Str – 19 Con – 10 Dex – 10 Int – 14 Wis – 8 Cha – 14

HP Max 22 Bloodied 11 HS (7/day): 5

AC – 16 Fort – 16 Ref – 13 Will – 14

Trained Skills: +8 Athletics, +4 Endurance, +4 Heal, +7 History, +7 Intimidate

Useful Stuff: Combat Leader (+2 initiative if within 10), Resourceful Presence (bonuses to party when using an action point), Martial Ploy (aid another grants an extra die roll on a weapon attack instead of +2)

Languages: Common, Dwarven

Favorite Drink: Dwarf Spirits

Favorite Music: bawdy


Previously an enlisted man, he was one of the recruits unlucky enough to be placed in an active fighting zone during peacetime (specifics to be determined by GM). Now that his dues are paid to his country, he serves his country of Cormyr with minor mercenary work such as patrols. He’d really like to break into the Adventuring business, but is having a hard time of it due to lack of contacts. (Gotta know someone, you know)

Quotes: “Well, there’s folks who kill dragons and get the credit, that’s all well and good. Now there’s other folks that need saving from orcs and goblins and all manor of nasty creatures. Might be thankless, but someone’s gotta help these people. Might as well be me. Tymora’s helped me this far. Iff’in she wants me to be famous, well… then I guess luck’ll shine on me someday.”

Garrison Hammouth

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